Using the DealersOnline application is the most professional way to perform a car valuation. Valuations can be completed with any compatible iOS or Android device. The DealersOnline valuation platform is the most effective and easy to use integrated valuation to auction platform in the market and generates consistent, auditable valuations every time.

In order to simplify the traditionally manual valuation process, we have developed an innovative electronic valuation application which allows our clients to complete this procedure more quickly, more easily and with greater uniformity.

It’s all in the details…

In addition to the key features outlined above, due to the fact that our application provides a greater level of detail than ever possible before, the following other benefits provide a unique opportunity for your business to stand out from the crowd and enjoy more efficient business management:

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  • A paperless valuation process (PDF print option for deal file available), which is quick, easy and its uniform structure can be emailed to sales consultants immediately.
  • A uniform valuation process which addresses corporate governance issues.
  • A quick and easy valuation process freeing up time for your staff.
  • Effective records kept of all transactions.
  • Scanning of vehicle information from the E-Natis Barcode situated on the vehicle license disk.
  • Electronic customer signatures and information including driver’s license.
  • Opportunity to take multiple photographs of the vehicle for the express purpose that traders situated too far from the vehicle to view it personally, may have as detailed a visual overview as possible from afar.
  • Integration to M&M Trade Pricing for realistic and accurate information.
  • Accident verification.
  • Location verified by image data (Geotagging).

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