Self Inspect Application

DealersOnline launches Vehicle Self Inspection Application for customers which allows for self inspections in instances where a client is thinking of purchasing a vehicle but cannot get to the dealership for a valuation.

The sales executive simply obtains the customer’s cellphone number telephonically and SMS’s him a link containing a onetime pin. The customer at home or in the office is prompted to scan his driver’s license and vehicle license disk as well as take photographs of the vehicle in order that the sales executive may obtain all information he needs to provide as accurate a valuation as is possible without having seen the vehicle himself.

This tool is also most useful in the insurance industry whereby an inspection must be completed before warranty or accident claims are allowed to go through.


  • Allows Customer to do Self Inspection while we verify the vehicle and customer details for you
  • Fleet Drivers are able to daily or monthly self inspection, helping fleet managers to track the condition of fleets
  • Mobility, Quality and Convenience brought to you by DealersOnline
  • The user can easily download the application with any compatible iOS or Android device.
  • Used in the Automotive as well as Insurance Industry to verify customer and vehicle condition.
  • Walks customer through the questions and photo requirements with ease.

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