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Welcome to DealersOnline, the online dealer portal designed to revolutionize the way car dealers source and distribute stock and corporates dispose of fleet assets.

Our auction platform assists you in maximising the profits on disposal of your trading stock. Since inception of our business in 2007, we have perfected the art of a successful and unbiased online auction using the best available technology coupled with a thorough understanding of sales and marketing, logistical, and operational requirements

Our turnkey solutions to coprorates provide for the entire selection, allocation of assets, inventory cataloguing, marketing and PR, and dispatch of assets as well as all inspection, post sale and settlement requirements.

Our results speak for themselves with a 100% sales ratio for corporate clients over the past 3 years and an achievement of between 88% and 118% of trade value (brand dependent). Selling over 4500 vehicles per month (in excess of 100 000 vehicles since our inception), we are the undisputed leader in the online auction business.

Customise your very own Online Auction Site

Our advanced online auction software solution offers businesses the capability to create their very own online auction platforms as a definitive turn-key solution for disposal of trading stock.

Our mission is not simply to sell software, but rather to provide, implement and support innovative business solutions that enable our clients to be more successful. The outcome of our engagements with clients must add quantifiable and sustainable bottom-line value to their business.

Our online auction software solution offers a fully integrated platform which includes design and hosting, installation, maintenance and ultimately, proven performance.

Current customers maximizing business efficiency through the use of online auction platforms custom designed by DealersOnline include: Barloworld Avis Budget Landrover Jaguar Honda Ford Volvo Commercial Vehicles Fiat Alfa Vodacom Fleet Online Trucks Quoin Online


  • Search and browse catalogues and place bids over the internet in real time from any device, anywhere in the world.
  • Integrated Valuation Application that allows you to send assets from mobile application direct to online auction
  • Our auctions and systems are transparent, fully auditable and Consumer Protection Act (CPA) compliant.
  • Multiple Bidding and Offering options as well as Buy Now capability on timed auctions.
  • Our efficient and fair sales procedure and automated reporting system expose you to thousands of credible buyers and ensures a quick turnaround time from stock to income.
  • Private (Single Seller like OEM) or Public Site
  • Optimized for mobile, tablets, and desktops.
  • We’ve been around for a while.We have been providing online auction services and technology for over 10 years! We know how auctions work and we know how to make great technology.

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