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Digital tools for buying more cars & building better deals.

Our software enables you to price more competitively, make stronger offers, and ultimately win more trade-ins.

Valuation Tool

Our Valuation Tool is your dealership's car-buying funnel, allowing you to manage your purchase leads.

Leveraging industry expertise and data-driven insights, we have identified recurring inconsistencies in traditional trade-in processes and designed a digital tool to help you standardise and optimise your valuation workflows.

Align your people

Coordinate your activities

Streamline your processes


Valuation Tool

Streamline your dealership valuation activities with one digital solution

You have to do more than sell the car. You have to sell the deal.

Identify the vehicle

Verify the make, model, and type

Capture the condition & damage


Validate the vehicle status & history

Determine the sales path

Benchmark pricing


Determine ownership & equity position

Set over allowance

Communicate the offer


Auction Platform

Our Auction Platform is your dealerships' entrance & exit strategy.

We help you manage your dealership's procurement and disposal activities with one platform, enabling fast and seamless transactions.

Create a marketplace for your brand with our white label solution.

Move more metal faster and increase your stock turns.

Develop new revenue streams and maximise wholesale profits.

DealrsOnline Auction Platform

Gain access to the DealersOnline auction marketplace.

Buy and sell vehicles on auction with our network of 7000+ vetted professional buyers and sellers. Secure the highest possible price and gain the widest access to stock.

Stock Control

Our Stock Control gives you real-time visibility into your operations.

Stock Control integrates with your DMS, tracking systems, and our valuation software to provide live visibility into stock age, location & movements.

Moreover, it digitises paper-based activities like stock-take, vehicle loans, key and document management, as well as test drives.

Track key and document locations

Enforce vehicle check-in & check-out protocols

Manage fuel allocations and traffic fines


Stock Control

The better you manage your metal, the greater your potential for profit.

Drive Group Performance

Methodically target ageing stock and maximise profitability within and across dealerships.

Stardardise Workflows

Manage your stock at the group level by establishing a common workflow for stock management.

Elevate User Accountability

Mitigate your dealership’s risk through unparalleled transparency into who is using what vehicle, when.

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