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We instil efficiency into the automotive value chain by making each vehicles lifecycle more transparent through data.

Our proprietary datasets, specialist expertise, and purpose-built technology enable our clients to achieve better businesses outcomes when buying and selling vehicles.

14 years

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Our story

The DealersOnline journey

DealersOnline was born out of a frustrated sales manager's insights into the valuation and disposal challenges of used cars.

Today, we fight for fairer markets and better outcomes by enabling equal access to information through innovative trust-creating technologies.

Our remarketing solutions have helped South Africa's fleet operators achieve higher returns and drastically reduce disposal time, shaping policies and disposal best practices across various industry verticals.

What’s more, our auction marketplace has shifted the way dealerships and motor retail businesses source and procure inventory. At the same time, our digital toolkit has digitised vital processes, providing data to improve their business operations continually.

We are proud valuation and disposal partners that bring audibility, transparency and insight to our client's decision making.


Our Goal

Enable your core business to become more productive & more profitable

Every business faces tough decisions when it comes to choosing which assets to sell, when, and how. We take care of the ‘dirty’ work so you can keep your hands clean.

Maximise your metal

Airtight digital processes

Single point of contact

No arm wrestling

Confidence in results

Minimal back and forth

Behind DealersOnline

Our Leadership Team

DealersOnline is mission-driven, values-led, and outcomes-orientated.

William Miller

Co-founder & CE of DealersOnline

William followed the well-beaten path from sales manager at Barloworld Audi to general manager at Sandown Motors to DP of Bentley.

His first-hand experience of how the industry worked against the consumer brought into focus his life‘s purpose; to fight for fairer markets and battle against the “data deficit” rife in the motor trade.

William is on a mission to transform his insider knowledge into innovative trust-creating technologies, bringing immense insights and passion and driving the vision for DealersOnline.


Renaldo de Jager

Co-founder & CTO of DealersOnline

Renaldo has been building technical solutions for the automotive industry for 20 years, driving digital innovation for the motor trade - from floppy disks and fax machines to cloud infrastructure and agile methodologies.

He leads a full-stack development house that designs, builds and maintains software products for DealersOnline and its corporate clients.

Renaldo is applying his decades of learnings and industry insight to shape the technological foundations of South Africa’s automotive industry.