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We provide outcome-oriented solutions and fully managed services for fleet businesses of every size and kind.

Our specialist expertise, datasets, marketplaces, and core technology are geared towards helping you to achieve greater yields and return on your invested capital.

Asset Valuation

We bring consistency to asset appraisals & valuations, enabling businesses to uncover the value of their assets with precision and confidence.

Our valuation offering leverages extensive data sources, specialist expertise, and proprietary systems refined over years to accurately inspect and value your equipment and machinery. Whether it’s to assess an entire asset or a fleet, our inspectors will come to you.


Asset Valuation

Asset Inspections & Appraisals

Asset Cataloging

We have asset-specific experts categorize your asset according to its characteristics & determine the right channel to maximise its value.

Asset Pricing

We help you set realistic reserves & price optimally using specialist expertise & algorithmic intelligence.

Asset Registers

We compile, standardise, and audit asset registers, helping you value your assets with completeness & precision.

How we enable better valuations

See your assets from an elevated perspective

We help you proactively manage your assets' value in the market so that you can have confidence when disposing.

Auditable and paperless electronic inspections performed by independent, third-party professionals.

Standardised asset-specific inspection protocols for rapid reporting and prompt remarketing.

Accurate pricing strategies from valuation data to generate the sales results you desire.

Asset register standardization and audits for accuracy and completeness.

Ensure that your pricing is aligned with your business objectives and are competitive in the market.

Disposal & Sale

We specialize in facilitating optimized asset disposals, from beginning to end to standardize your disposal process making it simple, reliable, and predictable.

Through a dedicated auction professional, we help you decide when to sell, how to merchandise and market your assets and finalize your disposal. Save yourself the effort. Save yourself the time. Let us do the work for you.


Disposal & Sale

Asset Sales & Remarketing

Marketing & Merchandising

We prepare your asset by capturing high quality photos & presenting key information professionally to your buyers.

Auctioning & Sales

We connect you to an extensive network of buyers through our aggregated auctions & marketplaces to maximise your propensity to profit.

Reporting & Compliance

We assist in collecting & completing the necessary documentation and processes involved in disposing an asset.

How we enable better disposals

Find and maximise your assets value in the market

To sell used assets effectively, you need to know what's happening in the market and what it means for the worth of your vehicles.

Marketing campaigns which build equity in your brand and drive auction results.

Professionally merchandising with high-quality images & intuitive cataloging designed for your buyers.

Optimal disposal paths which match asset profiles to the right buyer bases.

Detailed compliance requirements for clarity and governance.

Auction reports on your auction performance for continuous measuring and improving of outcomes.


We build long-term trusted partnerships with our clients that deliver consistent and reliable results for their businesses.

Our advisory offering delivers strategies which help businesses build their reputation in the market as credible sellers and drive price premiums at disposal. You’ll deal with one dedicated specialist who understands your business and your assets, giving you one head to chop.



Asset Disposal Optimisation


We benchmark pricing, disposal and depreciation strategies with robust & proven methods & systems.


We work with you to determine the optimal disposal channel, method & strategy for your assets.


We develop & standardize bespoke disposal policies & systems for your business to use consistently.

How we enable better decision-making

Align your disposal system with industry best-practices

We couple in-depth knowledge of your business and its assets with up-to date market insights and rich data resources to give you an unprecedented vantage point.

Management team interviews for coherence and alignment on business outcomes.

Development and assessment of depreciation and maintenance policies.

Optimized disposal strategies for specific assets and businesses.

Evaluation of disposal methods in comparison to industry benchmarks.

Bespoke disposal policies for corporate businesses.

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